Business Growth In 2003: It’s Promising

New York, NY – Using exclusive profiles of long successful companies – such as The Jowers Appliance and Company, that have shown sustained business success over time assisted author Daniel Elash, Ph.D., in making the concepts, tools and resources he presents in his new book, Doing It Right, come alive and enhancing the practical understanding of business leaders who read and use this new publication.

The Jowers Appliance/ story was included because it demonstrates what we are talking about when we refer to a company engaging in an ongoing conversation with its marketplace. Provides another example of someone deliberately evolving the business idea based on changes in its core assumptions. There is nothing terribly fancy about what John does. Indeed, he reacts to a spontaneous event. He is sharp enough to recognize an opportunity disguised as a simple set of customer conversations. Learning from John’s success however, perhaps you can create opportunities rather than waiting for them to occur serendipitously. specializes in the restoration of vintage kitchen appliances from the turn of the last century thru 1958. These wonderfully designed appliances undergo rigorous rebuilding to insure safety and proper, dependable operation before they are shipped to their new homes. Demand for these marvelous old appliances is fueled by an increasing number of people who are restoring a period home. Period home restoration means “putting it back the way it was”, including the use of the original style stove and refrigerator. As has reached back to the past, business has catapulted into the future.

John enlisted Gina Hunkins, a web designer known locally as “The Computer Lady” ( to design, build, and manage Once the initial site was launched, John says they began to immediately get responses. Most importantly, they got valuable feedback from their customers telling them what they liked and didn´t like about the site.

“Collectively, we worked together to expand the site from the original 6 pages to what is now about 170 pages, and we´ve torn it up and redesigned it 3 times over the last 4 years. We average about 550,000 hits per month.” has made a substantial impact in the world of internet commerce, recently ranking in the top 10% most trafficked websites in the world by Ms. Hunkins’ knowledge of internet trafficking, along with her artistic flair for website design, has resulted in the companies continued success.

According to Daniel D. Elash, Ph.D. “The firms chosen to represent the practical applications of the ideas presented in the book are firms that have shown sustained business success using a core set of skills and abilities allowing them to adapt and thrive in changing business environments.

Says Elash, “My recently released publication, Doing It Right, challenges readers with concrete yet sophisticated concepts, the business case studies and practical, easy to use, business tools to formulate and implement decisions and practices that fuel a firm’s success. Business leaders will find every technique, tool and example they need for planning and strategizing – in short, for their own business success. The power of the stories stem from their focus on the companies that are seeing right things, improving their ability to think, and to turn their business intentions into powerfully executed practices.

What is Doing It Right? Is it a book, a toolkit for businesses or a consultant accessed through the computer keyboard? “It’s all three,”, says Elash. “Take a look and judge for yourself at It’s a practical, self-implemented, business solution.”

The value of this book is that it gives readers the perspectives, the tools and the business examples that enable them to solve the challenges that limit their business. It provokes thinking. It takes readers through the steps required to tap the as yet unused potential of the company.

You won’t simply get a book and a hearty “Good Luck!” when you make this investment in your success. Rather, you can become as actively involved as you would like in a community of thinkers, leaders like you who continue to receive information through monthly teleconferences, e-mails with the author and programs enabling you to share experiences with other leaders who are dealing with the issues that most concern you.

With major topic divisions and layers of content that provide access to exactly what is needed for each business purpose, Doing It Right takes the place of cumbersome business manuals and presents lively, thought-provoking, discussion-producing concepts, stories, tools and resources.

Since Doing It Right is downloaded to a computer, it does not require being online once it is installed. Any or all of the learning system may be printed out and the tools may be copied and distributed across an entire organization.

Registered owners will also have the opportunity join and participate in a community of business leaders for monthly teleconferences at no additional charge.

Doing It Right provides all the tools of an experienced business consultant for a one-time cost that’s a fraction of a consultant’s daily fee. Read more about it at The purchase of this complete learning system is no gamble since there’s a complete money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Here are some of the topics included in Doing It Right:

  • Realizing the untapped potential in your company
  • Create an organization capable of sustaining extraordinary execution
  • Develop a shared definition of success between your company, your employees and your customers.
  • Leverage your brand into additional markets while penetrating current markets more deeply
  • Get your company in shape to win, generation after generation
  • Have the conversations with customers that generate competitive advantages
  • Become a Better Leader
  • Diagnose performance shortfalls and then treat them effectively
  • Rewrite your organization’s future
  • Building More Powerful Thinking Skills (as well as doing skills) In Your Organization
  • Build Extraordinary Execution of Your Business Idea
  • Use the Relationship Between Succession and Stewardship To Ensure A Powerful Future
  • Measure the cost of organizational conflict and eliminate It

For self-motivated entrepreneurial business leaders, Doing It Right contributes the support and direction required to make organizations grow and prosper. “Doing It Right provides actionable tactics in addition to clearly defined concepts and examples to use when you need them and at your convenience,” notes Elash.

About The Author: Daniel D. Elash Ph.D. is a distinguished business consultant specializing in enhancing organizational capability through collaboration and facilitating change management at the individual, team and organizational levels and an inspired author, presenter and business coach.