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This 1959 GE Combination fridge/freezer with Frost Guard came with the time capsule house we bought in 2019 and has been in use in the same spot in the kitchen since the original owners bought it in 1959. We know this because we have the original purchase receipt for $462.27. In 2023 dollars, that is $4,745! There is a red tag attached to the compressor stating that the compressor was changed on 8/9/1966. We've enjoyed using this fridge/freezer and wonder why modern ones don't offer swing-out adjustable shelves and a foot pedal to open the fridge door when your hands are full. We're now renovating our kitchen. We didn't notice a drop in our electric bill when we unplugged it a few weeks ago and switched over to our new fridge/freezer, so we, in our opinion, don't think it is an energy hog. We wanted to keep this fridge as a back-up or for parties [drinks and ice], but we don't have anywhere to put it. The only thing we noticed missing is the decorative plate cover for the butter conditioner switch. See photos. Overall dimensions are approximately 30 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 72 inches tall. Included with the sale of this GE fridge/freezer will be the original purchase receipt and owner's manual. Due to the heavy weight, this will need to be local pickup only. CASH ONLY! This means the buyer must show up with cash in hand and a truck to haul this 1959 GE fridge/freezer away. No exceptions. Selling as-is. No refunds. We're just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Not in a sketchy area, hon! 😉 The fridge/freezer has been recently unplugged, cleaned and moved to our enclosed front porch, so the buyer would only need to take it out the front door and about 20 feet to their truck. The asking price is $1,200.00.

BONUS vintage items with the purchase of this 1959 GE fridge/freezer! Our home came furnished with lots of items from the previous owners, who bought the house new in 1930. Many items from the 30s-80s. Since the buyer of the fridge/freezer would need to show up with a truck, we'll include the following items with the purchase of the 1959 GE fridge/freezer, if the buyer would be interested:
1. 1950s Zenith TV - big - untested (I don't' want to risk plugging it in and blowing a tube!)
2. 1980s Sony Betamax - untested (previous owners didn't leave any betamax tapes behind)
3. 1950s Empire room heater - ran on oil - disconnected - untested
4. Three portable or tabletop Tube radios (from 1940s-1960s) - untested

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