Restoration of the 1925 Reliable Gas Stove

for the F. E. Drury family

AntiqueAppliances.Com is proud to have been commissioned to restore this one-of-a-kind, custom gas stove built by The Reliable Stove Company in 1925 for the F. E. Drury family winter estate, located in Georgia. The owners of the 10,000 square foot Georgian Colonial mansion are restoring the home to its turn of the century grandeur and we couldn’t be more pleased about being part of this unique restoration. The stove is pictured to the right exactly how it looked when we removed it from the estate early in 2003. In late January our crew went South from our shop in Clayton, Georgia, to pick up this beauty. The house, amazing as it was, posed no real problem for moving the stove out, or so we thought. It had wide hallways and rooms plenty large enough for us to manuver. Eight of us “dead lifted” the stove onto a pair of piano dollies, then rolled it down the hallway to the front door. Okay, the easy stuff stopped here. Now we had to manage moving the stove down eight steps! With heavy ropes and a few extra people, we let the stove “push us” down the steps, onto the driveway and then into our trailer!

About the Stove…

This massive stove, the biggest we’ve come across so far, literally dwarfs our 1936 Magic Chef 6300 (recently restored and sold to a customer in New Hampshire), previously the largest stove in our inventory. This Reliable has eight surface burners and two surface warming burners, three baking ovens, one broiling oven, one large pantry storage compartment and two over-head warming ovens. The stove measures 86″ wide, 30″ deep, 73″ high and weighs approx. 1200 lbs.

Since this is a truly one-of-a-kind stove and a one-of-a-kind restoration, we have detailed the entire process of the restoration on these pages so that you can have a better idea of what a custom restoration entails. The only difference in this restoration than any other which takes place at AntiqueAppliances.Com is the actual size of the project. We are very excited to have been chosen for this unique project and to have the opportunity to share the process with you.

Because the stove is so large, Reliable had plenty of space and plenty of reason to show off its logos. Our restoration process will honor the integrity of these “ceramic overlays” and protect them throughout the restoration process.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of this fabulous stove during its restoration, as much as we enjoyed doing the actual work!

1925 Reliable Stove Restoration

1925 Reliable Stove Restoration