Our Talented Professionals

At Antique Appliances, our talented and dedicated craftsmen are our chief asset. It is through teamwork, skill and dedication that we are able to recreate the beautiful antique refrigerators and stoves shown on this website. We take pride in introducing the good folks that have restored our current line of stock and who will turn your old appliances into a truly unique and functional conversation piece.

John JowersJohn Jowers was born and raised in Clayton, graduated Auburn University with degree in business management and marketing. John grew up in the family business established by his father in 1948, and has been in the business full time since 1980. He is a certified AHAM-NARDA refrigerator repair specialist. John has an extensive history in appliance marketing, repair and restoration. John likes to run the shop, but enjoys hitting the road as well. If your antique appliance is delivered by our truck, John will be driving it!



Cathy Jowers, John’s wife, was born in Ames, Iowa and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. She graduated from Auburn University with degree in Art Education. Cathy taught art classes in local schools until she retired in 2018. She is a artistic advisor for AntiqueAppliances.Com and lends her talents for those special projects. Since Retirement Cathy has enjoyed every spare moment in here home art studio doing her own art projects.


Joey Penland – Joey was born and raised right here in Rabun County. Joey is a talented young man with extensive experience in metal fabrication. If it’s broken or missing we just tell Joey to make a new one! Joey also designs and installs our refrigeration systems and restores many of our gas stoves.   He’s a “jack of all trades”. Joey is a welcome addition to our restoration team and we don`t know what we would do without him. He spends his off time playing table top war games and hosting his youtube channel Enigmatic Electronics.





Jeremy Ricketts – Jeremy was born and raised in Rabun County. He graduated from North Ga Technical College with a motorcycle tech degree. Jeremy has experience not only working on stoves but cooking with them when he ran two fine dining kitchens. He has always excelled at working with his hands. Starting at a young age building and repairing motorcycles and antique cars with his father. He has been around antiques most of his life learning from his grandparents.




                                     Justin Willis – Justin is a transplant to the area, moving here his freshman year of High Schojustinol. Justin is the only painter in the shop and also does all of the body work on refrigerators. As a former professional painter he has tons of experience. He also does the touch up repairs on stoves and has recently taken over the Plastic Prince title from Tommy. We call him the clown of the shop. He loves to joke around with all fellow employees so there is never a dull moment with him around. Justin spends his time playing table top war games with Joey and raising his two kids. Justin is also a huge sports fan both playing and watching.




Pepper Watts– Pepper was born and raised right here in Rabun County. She is the office manager at our shop and stays busy all day answering emails, telephone calls, and keeping all of the guys in line. She also keeps up with the website by updating as much as possible. In Pepper`s off time she loves to spend time with her family and attending her son`s sports games.