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1950`s Frigidaire

1950`s Frigidaire

1950`s Frigidaire Refrigerator. It has a small freezer and a small shelf. It is located in the Chattanooga TN area…
Total views: 33
Price: $ 350.00
Early 50s Westinghouse Refrigerator

Early 50s Westinghouse Refrigerator

WESTINGHOUSE vintage 1 door refrigerator with freezer compartment, 1 produce pan and shelves located in Miami Beach. White exterior and…
Total views: 64
Price: $ 500.00
GE Combination Refrigerator

GE Combination Refrigerator

Complete and in good shape Not running Pickup only Dripping Springs Texas 78620 $550 obo
Total views: 63
Price: $ 550.00