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This is our 1925 Roper propane stove.
It still works great after almost 100 years. It is used daily and we will do our best to clean it further before pickup/delivery.
It came with our house that we bought in 2018. It has paperwork from 2014 from a place in Las Vagas for a "tune-up" and the bill was $40 as it needed nothing done and just needed fine-tuning. Unsure if it has been restored or not.
It is definitely a conversation piece and the main focal point of our kitchen. It has a working Rutz Ignitor (Google it, it is cool and rare) and has worked just fine for us for the past 4+ years daily. It could use a little cleaning but is in great shape with no problems overall.

We are selling it because we have a 11-month-old and need something a bit safer. Having knobs on the front that are easy to turn and the Rutz that throws a giant flame isn’t the safest at this current life stage. It is bitter-sweet to post this, but we are hoping it will go to a good home.

It is located NW of Fort Collins Colorado and currently is adjusted for 8000 feet in elevation. I don't believe it will be hard to "fine-tune" it for optimum performance at any altitude.

Let me know if you have any questions and for further photos.
We are asking $7,300 based on things we have seen sold but are open to offers if you have them.
27x43x55 inches tall (without stovepipe).

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