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I'm not quite sure of the model's age. It works well, and was my family's daily stove for 10 years. Comes with 3 "thermawell" pots: 1 full size pot, and 2 split pots for cooking separate items/soups in the well. The main pot was my go-to for soups & stews that were cooking on "residual heat" with the gas off while I was out or doing chores in the house. Oven insulation still works great, and we did several turkeys on only 30 minutes of gas. All burner controls work and give a satisfying "click" when turned off. Comes with piezo lighter. I elected to turn off the pilot light and simply light the burners by hand. I recently gave the oven interior a good clean.

Defective items: the overhead light doesn't work. I never got around to rebuilding it. The timer stopped working recently. The handle to the storage area had the pin break, but I still have the handle. The crank for the broiler appears to possibly be stripped. The original broiler pan and pilot light cover are missing.

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