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Great stove for sale! Reliable Stove Co. “Angliron” built in St. Louis, MO in 1929-30. It’s called “Angliron” because they literally built the frame out of angle iron steel, then plated it as well as the bolt heads to make the nice chrome trim body you see. This large stove is very desirable but will require a full restoration including chrome plating and fitted with commercial grade, code complaint oven safety systems.

The star shaped burners are the same pattern that commercial restaurant stoves still use today, one of the most even cooking flame patterns developed, hence their desirability. The oven has a natural convection air flow pattern that is a result of the interior wall design. As good cooks know, convection air makes for the best cooking when it comes to even baking. While the electric stove manufacturers have to produce convection air flow with a fan, gas flames produce them by nature. The stove company utilized what nature already gave them and expounded on it to make an even smoother and more directly concentrated heat pattern. The Reliable Stove Co. made a big name for themselves with this innovation.

This specific stove has a bit of history (as provided by the previous owners): it was originally salvaged from the former Pump Room in Chicago’s old Ambassador Hotel. When new owners bought the hotel around 1975, they sold a lot of the restaurant fixtures in order to update/renovate and this is when the stove began its journey. The stove then found itself used in a hunting cabin on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin. It then made its final move to its current location in eastern Virginia where it happily cooked up multiple Thanksgiving turkeys until about 17 years ago. It has sat unused in a basement kitchen since then. The oven is sold as is and no representations or warranties are made on its current workability.

Currently located outside Kilmarnock, Virginia, purchasers will need to provide for all pick up and transportation resources and expenses including physical removal from its present basement location. By its sturdy nature, it is extremely heavy, will need a few strong bodies and may possibly need some level of partial disassembly to be removed from the house. All risk and expenses of removal will be borne by purchaser.

Oven details and APPROXIMATE oven dimensions:

Overall oven dimension:
58” tall x 61.5” wide x 24.5” deep

Number of ovens/broilers: 3
Interior oven dimensions:
#1: 17” deep x 18” wide x 14” tall
#2: 17” deep x 18” wide x 14” tall
#3: 17” deep x 24” wide x 14” tall

Number of warming ovens: 1
Interior warming oven dimension:
18” deep x 21” wide x 9” tall

Number of surface burners: 6

Asking price: $2,000.00 (USD)

Agreed upon price is payable in cash only at pick up.

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