Tips for creating effective ads

  1. stove-salesProvide a complete description in your Ad – Make sure to include details such as the manufacturers name, year, any model numbers that you can locate on the appliance, general condition and color of appliance, appliance dimensions.
  2. Give proper contact information – Make sure you list your email address or a phone number where someone can reach you.
  3. Show interest in making the sale – Respond to Email messages and return phone calls promptly.
  4. Avoid Abbreviations – Too many abbreviations can be confusing and will decrease the ad’s chances of appearing in the Search Results.
  5. Try not to oversell – There is a 600 character ad limit. Avoid information that may be exaggerated or misleading. If you lose the confidence of a potential customer, you are likely to lose the sale too.
  6. Show your asking price – Price is a key element in the decision of a classifieds shopper. It will also eliminate inquiries out of your price range.
  7. Keep the information current in your Ad. Remember that you can edit your Ad at any time during its lifespan.
  8. Include photographs in your ad. To upload optional .JPG or .GIF photographs, they must be no larger than 640 x 480 pixels, and maximum filesize is 250K per photo. You can always ad photos at a later date using the Edit your Listing function.